Drvmmer “Without You” Audius Remix Competition

Hey there Wavers! We teamed up with Audius to create our first remix contest! The track in question is “Without You” by Drvmmer featuring ARTIKA, this is also the first single from Drvmmer’s upcoming EP “Burn”, out November 26.

Winners are going to be announced on Electric Wave’s Twitch channel [ElectricWaveTV] on December 6.

[STREAM] Drvmmer – Without You (feat. ARTIKA)

We can’t wait to hear your remixes! ✨



1st Place: 225 $AUDIO + Official release of the remix on Electric Wave + Electric Wave Merchandise

2nd Place: 100 $AUDIO

3rd Place: 50 $AUDIO

4th Place: 50 $AUDIO



  1. Use Drvmmer’s “Without You feat. ARTIKA” Stems [DOWNLOAD]
  2. Upload it to Audius tagged as a remix [LEARN MORE] by December 4 midnight PST and link it on our Discord channel #withoutyou-remix
  3. Follow Electric Wave, Drvmmer and ARTIKA on Audius
  4. Winners will be announced live on stream on December 6
  5. Good luck and have fun! ✨


Links and More Info

BPM: 174

KEY: G#min

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