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Ciao! We are Electric Wave, an independent record label based in Italy.Ā 

We are here to create, innovate and have fun! āœØ

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Electric Waveā€™s music mainly focus on bass music with peculiar sound design or with elements that are hard to find anywhere else in the music industry.


Back in August 2019, we organized our first music festival named “Electric Wave Summerfest” where we hosted and showcased a lot of EW artists alongside other artists. Summerfest is an important part of our journey and we are working constantly to make it bigger every year.Ā 

This is the nerdy section


We really enjoy innovation, like a lot. Since 2020 we have been working on the blockchain to create new possibilities for our artists, by minting NFTs or collaborating with protocols.


What did you expect, a Facebook group? Here you can find our community named Wavers, we just chill, talk about music and play videogames.

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